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Let’s make August ALL ABOUT YOU and your own self-care. Self-care if so important to decrease stress, improve our moods, and contributes to positive mental health!

Please join the YouthTALK team in this challenge of engaging in self-care activities over the next 2 weeks! Do 1 type of self-care in each BINGO category, and be entered into a PRIZE GIFT CARD DRAW!! In order to enter you must:

1. Engage in 1 of each of the different types of self-care on the BINGO card

2. Take a picture of you doing it or circle/check the template

3. Submit it to YouthTALK through Instagram or Facebook private message, emailing, or through an online submission form: CLICK HERE


You can also upload it to your own social media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter) and tag us @youthtalkgwd or use the hashtag #allaboutyou and you are entered that way!


Try to tag or nominate 3 friends to keep the challenge going

"My favourite self-care activity is playing games with my family, participating in this challenge made me feel good because I could see people have similar interests."

"My favourite self care activity is exercising, self care makes me feel better about my surroundings."

"My favourite self-care activity is taking pictures and de-cluttering my room. Self care allows me to take time to focus on myself and escape daily life"

"Self care made me feel that I was taking the initiative to do something beneficial for my health."

"I feel better have doing some self care because I am taking care of my mental/physical health. I have more activities to now and I'm happy!"

"It was nice to take a step back and really prioritize myself. I had extremely good and positive days when I was practicing self-care, and self-love. To me, this was very important because it allowed me to really enjoy every moment."

"I cleaned my room fully, and my desk. Throwing out trash, unwanted items, etc. Decorating my room and making my desk pleasing to look at. This gave me a responsible, organized and all around good feeling."

YouthTALK is a group that promotes wellness, encourages positivity, and resilience building for all through different activities. If you want to see more youth mental health and wellness initiatives, please consider donating to Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo-Wellington with a memo that your donation is going to YouthTALK. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Check back here to see submissions as they come in! 


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