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What's Happening Now! 

School Based Activities

Our school based teams have a great time thinking of ways for their peers to learn about mental health. 

Some of the great things we do are: 

  • Displays that provide resources, ways to get help and information on mental health and well-being

  • Activities that are fun, informative and build mental wellness

  • Presentations that teach us about mental health and how to take care of ourselves and our friends and family. 

Community Involvement

There are lots of people who want to learn about YouthTALK and how mental health concerns impact youth.  To share this information, the regional team offers: 

  • Information Booths that offer resources, brochures and guidance on how to get help

  • Activities that engage youth to learn and develop skills

  • Presentations to enhance the understanding of the importance of mental health and wellness

YouthTALK Conference

The YouthTALK Conference has been a yearly event for the past number of years.  We bring together youth from across the region to learn skills and practical knowledge about maintaining mental wellness.  There are a number of community organizations that provide information booths, and we have great experts speak to us as a group or in breakout sessions.  

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