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Messages of Ho-Ho-Hope!

The YouthTALK group at St. John Bosco Catholic High School has created Candy Cane E-Grams to give some hope and spread positivity around the holidays this year!

We know that the holidays, especially during COVID, can leave be overwhelming, and leave us feeling sad, lonely, isolated or more. We even know that people, including youth, can experience SAD (seasonal affective disorder)-this is where our wellness is impacted by darkness and weather changes. We need to make sure to take care of ourselves over the holidays, to keep our stress levels low, and our moods up. This can include self-care, turning on more lights, spending time with those you love (virtually too), or getting outside when there is sunshine. This is also why the Bosco YouthTALK team wanted to do candy cane E-grams. Giving back helps us to create positive connections to other people, and feel a little less lonely. Sending messages of ho-ho-hope will lift not just their spirits, but yours as well, and will increase your mental wellness. You will feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and stay safe and connected!

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